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IoT Is Here. Are We Prepared?

Internet of Things (or IoT) devices traditionally meant office equipment like printers, cameras, conference room equipment or the televisions in the reception areas.

Today, IoT refers to various devices with embedded sensors or actuators controlled over an open or closed network that generate or collect data and pass it between devices or store it in the cloud. IoT devices are used in offices out on the streets and in our homes. IoT technology is used in cars, refrigerators, coffee makers, motion detectors, lighting systems, heater control units, wearables or sport equipment just to name a few. More and more devices come equipped with built-in intelligence and remote access. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, there will be over 20 billion connected IoT devices in use.

Every IoT device collects and exchanges data over the Internet – either with Cloud Services, or dedicated Control Units.

Securing iot devices with Symbiot
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connected devices by 2020

Devices with lightweight (software-based) IoT security or weak encryption – about 70% of devices in use today – are vulnerable to cyberattacks, putting the privacy of businesses and individuals at high risk. Appropriate IoT device security are not optional anymore!

symbiot for IoT hardware encryption

Say hello to secure IoT devices! Say hello to Symb.IoT!

The world’s most powerful IoT hardware encryption.

Our IoT hardware encryption technology provides the highest level of IoT device security achievable today. The security keys generated by any IoT device connected to SYMB.IoT are secured using hardware-based encryption, which cannot be altered using any attack, guaranteeing 100% IoT device security.

Hardware-based IoT encryption technology that offers today’s highest known IoT device protection.

IoT Device Security No Software Can Provide

Get unbreakable hardware-based IoT encryption for your devices!

Secure your IoT device

IoT Attackers Target IoT Devices with the Weakest Encryption

IoT hardware encryption with symbiot

IoT Encryption is Key. Literally.

Attacks that are meant to just annoy are the past. In today’s profit-driven world, well-organized groups aim to steal confidential information stored or published by IoT devices or hack into other systems through unsecured IoT devices, causing major privacy issues and billion-dollar losses.

Consequences of Insufficient IoT Device Security

Security breaches regularly make news headlines. Distributed denial of services (DDoS), man-in-the-middle attacks, firmware reverse engineering, spoofing or false identity are just some of the threats IoT systems are facing. These attacks lead to disrupted services, data theft, liability claims and cause measurable revenue loss and brand reputation damage. Studies show that IoT data breaches cost an average of $3.8 million, while a single compromised IoT device could cost $225 in detection, notification and lost business costs.

Let’s imagine that someone breaks into your house via your fish tank’s connected thermometer? Sounds crazy? Even in a high security environment like a casino it has happed. Do you think your system is safer?

hardware solution-for-unsecured-IoT-devices

It’s no surprise that IoT device security is the #1 reason companies decide against connecting their devices and platforms to the Internet.

Created With IoT Device Manufacturers In Mind

SYMB.IoT can be attached to any already existing IoT device or can be easily integrated during the product design phase. Integrating your IoT devices with SYMB.IoT key server provides the best IoT device security and IoT device encryption available today and in the coming decades.

Don’t risk the consequences! Secure your IoT devices with hardware-based IoT encryption, secure key management and device lifecycle management!

Secure Any IoT Device with SYMB.IoT Now!

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